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Rottam ittica SRL

The company was formed in the early 80's taking over from the CRM, a historic company that operated in the recovery and collection of scrap.
RottamIttica deals with the collection, processing, acquisition and resale of wholesale and retail of material, scrap, paper, rags, conveyor belts, alloys, scrap metal, tires, rubber and plastic, and the recovery in general.
You can market any kind of new iron and metal, raw and semi-finished product.
E 'it equipped with all the necessary permits, issued for storage by the Province of Rimini; transport from the Register of the National Bologna and Technical College of the Commission for Environmental Protection of the Republic of San Marino.
Five members lend their daily activities, giving it still a family business that is based on the seriousness, commitment, passion and respect for the work of the provider, customer and employees.
Our customers are the most reliable steel mills and foundries throughout the country in need of secondary raw materials.
The prices are established at the London Stock Exchange, the LME (London Metal Exchange), are updated in real time and at all times reflect the market trends worldwide.
E 'with a large area of 10,000 square meters approximately, in temporary restructuring to cope with current environmental legislation and possesses the latest equipment for loading and unloading of goods.
Protecting the environment is essential and the primary purpose of our business is to offer customers an efficient service, which takes into account the increasing importance of waste management plays in today's society.
Recovery can be made directly in companies through special bins and roll-off containers granted free loan. Such a system and a large fleet ensure a timely delivery of metal collection.
Thirty years of experience, the technologies used and the authorizations obtained give the company a prime location that rank among the most important sector of Rimini.